devon windsor for numero #151 by billy kidd

So whistles have actually created some of the pieces i designed for my project. I dont know if i should feel depressed that they got in there first or happy because my ideas were technically spot on. I feel more depressed
needless to say i love and need this collection
Kate Upton, Age 15
Photographed by: Steven Burton 
"Palazzo D’Inverno" by Julia Hetta for IO Donna September 2013
Alexander McQueen Fall 2011



Mother and Child ph. by Igor Vishnyakov 
"Mia’s presence is my source of joy and inspiration in my life" - Sasha Pivovarova, Vogue Japan 


so cute
ph. Mariell Amélie
Ph. Stefan Milev

Meter la cabeza en el agua y empezar a escuchar tu cuerpo… by Mario Izquierdo on Flickr.
Lea Seydoux by Matteo Montanari